Taste of Scotland – The Scotch Whisky Experience Edinburgh

Most of the people connects with Scotland immediately the tasting of Whisky and as I did the same, I thought why not trying the Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh. It is a unique opportunity for everybody who wants to try whisky.

The Scotch Whisky Experience

Basically you have the choice between 5 different tours, which all includes whisky tasting. We went for the Taste of Scotland tour, which includes a dinner in the Amber Restaurant.

The first part of the tour is a whisky barrel ride through the whole production of Scotch whisky. You learn how whisky is produced in a very interactive way. The way how it is explained is very funny because it is a sort of ghost who explains everything.

After the barrel ride, you’ll be seated in a room where you can already see the different glasses in front of you, which means WHISKY TASTING! However, they will firstly show you a movie of the different whiskies in Scotland. As you perhaps know, there are 5 different Scotch regions in Scotland, the Lowlands, the Highlands, the Speyside, Islay and Campbeltown. It is a really interesting story about all the different whiskies.

Now there is certainly the most interesting part of the tour: the whisky tasting. Basically you don’t just taste the whisky, but you kind of experience it. There is a special way and art of drinking whisky. There are 5 steps to correctly taste it.

First you have to look at the color because this will show you in which barrel it had been stored, then you have to swirl the whisky in the glas to see if the streak goes down quickly or not. Then you have to take a deep breath into the glass. And only after all these steps you can taste the whisky. As part of our experience they thought us how to correctly taste whisky. If you really take this seriously, you will smell and taste much more out of your glass as only whisky.

In that tasting room, we got three whiskies to taste. Then we moved forward to the amazing whisky bottle collection of the Scotch Whisky Experience. They have in total 3.384 bottles of Scotch whisky, which makes it a record of whisky history. In that room we also got another whisky to taste. Lastly we got our last whisky of the tour to taste.

All in one, we really enjoyed this Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh and I definitely recommend it to everyone who is visiting Edinburgh.

Amber Restaurant

As part of our Taste of Scotland Whisky Experience, we also could enjoy a dinner in the Amber Restaurant. Our menu included a lot of Scottish specialities like black pudding etc.

To conclude the whole experience, we got another whisky to taste with our dessert. This was the last whisky of our in total 6 whiskies to taste, which was a really nice experience.

We had a really amazing evening at the Scotch Whisky Experience and I want to thank our guide for making this whisky tasting such a great success.

They also have a souvenir shop where you can buy all kind of whiskies that you tried during the whisky experience and much more.

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